'Day Time Moon'

Marie Graesén Gardner
& Irene Godfrey

6 – 9  May 2021
Thurs Fri and Sat 12-6
Sun 12-4

Marie Graesén Gardner is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Kent. She has previously exhibited internationally, often with large scale expressive paintings using oil and acrylic techniques. Her artistic style shifts between expanding movement with intense colours and stillness with reduced contrast.
Her painting has a distinctly visionary touch and is uncompromising in its search for a synthesis beyond time and space. With colour, she processes memories, thoughts and experiences. It is expressive painting with high intensity and great seriousness.

Irene Godfrey was born in the North Pennines and now lives and works in Kent. Her paintings possess an unconventional dynamism of powerful yet delicate gesture. Using subtle movement and rhythm, they lead to new places, both recognisable and unfamiliar. In them she references both the macro and micro elements of our world.